Duke Presidential Ambassadors

About Us

Duke Presidential Ambassadors, previously known as Dukes and Duchesses, was established in 1979 as an organization of student ambassadors dedicated to serving Duke University. The members of the Duke Presidential Ambassadors provide a glimpse into the student experience for campus visitors. Responsibilities include leading campus tours, staffing special events, and assisting with university ceremonies. Some examples of special events include staffing the president's suite at football games, receptions at the university president's home, Board of Trustee dinners, and Opening and Founders' Day Convocations.

Our Executive Team

Melody Tzang '25


Lily Baglio '26

Vice President

Tara Singh '26


Ben Childress '26

Director of Service

David Surzykiewicz '25

External Programming Director

Athena Yeung '26

Director of Internal Engagement

Comfort Markwei '26

Director of Internal Engagement

Kaitlyn Williams '26

New Member Coordinator

Margarita Krylova '26

New Member Coordinator

Tearria Beck-Scott

Advisor & Program Director, University Ceremonies

Membership in this group is a privilege that holds great responsibility, as Duke Presidential Ambassadors are frequently university guests' only contact with undergraduates during their Duke visit. Members demonstrate their commitment by following the guidelines outlined below.

  • Attendance at biweekly meetings is mandatory.
  • Members must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher.
  • Each member must guide at least one campus tour per semester.
  • Each member must volunteer a minimum of twelve hours in the fall and in the spring.