Upcoming Events | Fall 2022 | RSVP Here!!

Devils After Dark: Family Weekend Murder Mystery Pizza Party

Saturday, 10/15/22, @ 5 - 7 PM in GADU!

A fun and exciting weekend full of guests on campus, and *gasp* a shocking event?! Devils After Dark encourages students, families, and friends are invited to join us to uncover the villain in our Murder Mystery Party!!

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Devils After Dark: Escape Room Bonanza

Saturday, 10/15/22, @ 8 - 10 PM at Bull City Escape!

Do you have what it takes to escape against all odds? Create or join a team, escape from one of five rooms at Bull City Escape, and sign up for this event before you run out of time!

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Past Events | Fall 2022

Devils After Dark: The Return

Saturday, 10/1/22, @ 6 - 8 PM at Brodie Gym Lower Courts!

From the folks who hosted the East Campus Carnival, come to the Front Quad to celebrate the return of Devils After Dark!! Start off this spooky month with some Insomnia Cookies, mini pumpkin painting, Sutff-A-Critter, music, and face painting!!

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