Expanded Student Programming Committee

Want to know more about hosting programs?

Current university event guidance, which goes into effect on June 1, is HERE. The Expanded Student Programming Committee will continue to review events with participants over 50 people and those that involve travel in the local area (eg. Durham County).

About Us

Our committee’s purpose is to help coordinate and evaluate efforts to safely expand student programming during spring and summer 2021. The committee will review proposed events and monitor events on campus while collaborating with the University Event Oversight Committee and university leaders to ensure safety, compliance with university COVID-19 precautions, and consistency with other events.

Have an Idea? Do you have an idea for a program, activity, or event that would foster community engagement and connection on campus, but may be outside of the scope of activities permitted under current space and attendance restrictions? Our committee is here to review your programmatic ideas and work with you to explore options for safely hosting your event.

To review these policies: https://studentaffairs.duke.edu/ucae/policies

How to Submit your Idea?

Current students, organizations, departments, and/or members of the Duke community may submit ideas for programs, events or activities, which should be created to meet the current needs of our student body.

If your event requires an exception to the current event policies

1. Academic/co-curricular requests: Submit your request using the following link: http://cglink.me/2do/s42102

2. Non-academic/student organization request: Log into your DukeGroups account, select "Events" at the top, then click "+Create Event". If you have any trouble accessing this application, contact activities21@duke.edu.

What’s Next?

Submit your application early! Once you submit your idea, please allow up to 15 days for the committee to convene and consider your idea. You may need to answer additional questions.


Questions for the Committee should be directed to activities21@duke.edu. We look forward to hearing your creative ideas!