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Our mission is to serve as the hub for all undergraduate environmental activity, communications, and programming at Duke. We partner with environmental clubs, community members, neighboring institutions, Duke faculty members, administrators, university staff, and the larger student body to facilitate conversations and collaboration around sustainability on campus and beyond. ​ The UEU seeks to support environmental undergraduate groups with their own projects and missions, foster collaboration among student organizations, facilitate partnerships with academic and administrative offices to accomplish major projects, serve as a communal place for groups to share support and information to existing groups and projects, and create a unified student voice to advance and publicize environmental issues on Duke’s campus. We are a support system, a resource for advice, contacts, and strategic marketing and planning, and a curator of events or initiatives that are too big for any one organization.









Members Benefits

--Learn about all things Duke Environment from the different eco-entities to student groups to administration and hierarchies. --Learn how to navigate program and event planning, marketing and advertising at Duke, funding requests, and more! --Receive professional support and academic guidance within environmental spaces. --Meet with, speak with, and work with big names in environmental spaces, from the Dean of the Nicholas School to Duke Sustainability Office staff and so much more! --Put your name on BIG, campus-changing initiatives around environmental literacy, environmental justice, diversity equity and inclusion, and more! --Cultivate an international and influential network.

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Our Team

Anya Dias-Hawkins
Ava Leaphart
Marketing Officer
Juwan Jacobs
Fareed Mohideen
Emily Nagamoto
Project Intern
Ariel Chukwuma
Isabel Wood
Vice President of Communications


Undergraduate Environmental Union

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