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About us

Our mission is to (1) build an inclusive community of diverse individuals united by a desire to engage with MENA+ studies, (2) empower students from and/or interested in the MENA+ region with a platform to showcase their work, and (3) inspire creativity and curiosity to curate deeper culturally- and historically-driven, nuanced perspectives on the region.


Juhood is an academic journal of Middle Eastern Studies that is edited by undergraduates at Duke University. The journal is published once a semester (twice annually) online and in print to create a platform for excellent undergraduate academia on the region. All undergraduates, regardless of their home institution, are welcome and encouraged to submit any and all work that they have produced. Students who have recently graduated are welcome to submit papers as well.

Juhood Magazine

Juhood Magazine is an online publication boasting all types of content — political analyses, op-eds, photo essays, short films, poetry — from and about the Middle East and North African regions. Updated regularly, the magazine includes bodies of work that don’t have to fit the technical or academic standards of the journal but still provide valuable thinking and perspective on the region. Anyone, including non-undergrads, is welcome to submit work to the magazine. We’d love to hear from you!


Juhood Magazine is not just a journal and magazine. We are a community of people trying to create open and comfortable spaces for anyone who wants to engage with anything MENA+. From Juhood Talks discussing hot topics related to the region to our Taste the Region cooking series to our Juhood Spotlight series featuring scholars, organizers, and overall incredible, we have it all! Whether you’re here at Duke, nearby in Durham, or miles away across the globe, join us!

Our Team

Rose Naderi
Rebecca Eneyni
Emily Sandberg
Marketing Officer
Cate Knothe
Manon Fuchs
Student Event Management Officer
Mbaye Lo

Get Involved

Hey there! If you’re looking for ways to get involved, check out some of the opportunities we have below. Reach out and let us know because we’d love to have you on our team!

Events Coordinator

If organizing, outreach, and spreadsheets make you go wild, then look no further. We have the perfect place for you! We need someone like you to spearhead our events, reaching out to other student groups, faculty, and members of the community — locally + globally. We need you to take the lead in organizing events like our speaker series, community talks, cooking classes, and whatever else we want to create for our Juhood doodz* around the world.

*referring to all gender identities

Social Media Manager

We’re searching for a creative, artistic, media-saavy, design extraordinaire. Our online platform is our most prized possession because that’s how we can connect with anyone regardless of distance or time. Sooo we need someone who can manage our various social media accounts - sharing information about how to submit work, posting about recent issues of the journal and new pieces in the magazine, advertising events, you get the idea!

Content Editor

The Content Editor is responsible for fact checking historical references, background information, and citations of our academic papers, and evaluates the quality of the content itself for the scope and technical standards of the journal. This is especially important for the credibility and accuracy of our journal. So if you’re knowledgeable about any regions in the MENA+, here’s the opportunity to nerd out and show off your brain power! We know you want to. ;)