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The Arts Annex serves as the premiere hub for arts for undergraduate and graduate students at Duke. We house various studio arts, rehearsal studios, and programming spaces. We strive to build a vibrant arts community through providing resources, programming, and a welcoming environment that inspires self-expression, self and worldly exploration, and intentional collaboration.









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Here's a list of arts and activities available at the Annex!

Our Team

Alicia Qiao Profile

Alicia Qiao

Student Staff
Dese Elumaro Profile

Dese Elumaro

Student Staff
Tashia Ethridge Profile

Tashia Ethridge

Student Staff
Maya Crawford Profile

Maya Crawford

Student Staff
Joyce Imaculate Jayakumar Profile

Joyce Imaculate Jayakumar

Student Staff
Sinchana Thippeswamy Profile

Sinchana Thippeswamy

Student Staff
Leena Tripura Chandra Profile

Leena Tripura Chandra

Student Staff
River Hedgepeth Profile

River Hedgepeth

Pranjala Siddanagowdru Profile

Pranjala Siddanagowdru

Student Staff
Reece MacKinney Profile

Reece MacKinney

Student Staff
Anna Gallerani Profile

Anna Gallerani

Student Staff
Marcy Edenfield Profile

Marcy Edenfield

Aleksandra Koroza Profile

Aleksandra Koroza

Quadiriah ( She slash Her slash Hers ) McCullough Profile

Quadiriah (She/Her/Hers) McCullough

Michael Herron Profile

Michael Herron

Student Staff
Rakshita Ramakrishna Profile

Rakshita Ramakrishna

Student Staff
Katie Newton Profile

Katie Newton

Student Staff
Michelle Qiu Profile

Michelle Qiu

Student Staff

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